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Stephen Leather's Inspector Zhang Short Stories

The Eight Curious Cases Of Inspector Zhang

Crimes are few and far between in the city-state of Singapore and the crimes that do occur are usually solved quickly and efficiently. But when there s a crime that has the police baffled, it s Inspector Zhang that they turn to. From locked-room mysteries to disappearing drugs and murders disguised as suicide, Inspector Zhang is able to draw on his experience as a detective along with tricks he has learned from the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. See if you can solve the crimes before the inspector - the clues are there!

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Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish

Be careful what you wish for, as they say, because being a detective in the city state of Singapore seems to be a job that doesn’t have an awful lot of gory job satisfaction. Inspector Zhang certainly felt as if his precocious talents were being wasted, and then all of a sudden, he is called in to help solve a grisly murder that has taken place in a luxury hotel room. This excellent series is kicked off by the rather intriguing case of a murder that appears to have taken place in a locked room with only the victim inside. Join Zhang as he finally gets his teeth into his dream case and you can almost feel the mixture of frustration and relief as he unleashes his deductive powers on a very perplexing riddle of the highest order. A great read from Mr Leather’s stable and an ending that not even Columbo could have figured out – Excellent!

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Inspector Zhang And The Dead Thai Gangster

Singapore and Bangkok are not that far apart in distance, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. So when Inspector Zhang heads for the city of Angels aboard a passenger plane, you just know that this isn’t going to end well for somebody. And Leather doesn’t keep us hanging for long, in fact, there is a murder aboard the plane and Zhang gets the chance to put his deductive skills to the test before he even steps out onto the tarmac of Suvarnabhumi Airport. This engaging series of books is well represented by this tale of the dead Thai mafia hoodlum and Zhang’s character will definitely draw you into this mismatch of skills and insightful powers. Sergeant Lee also makes a fine impression and who could dislike such an inscrutable double act? If you have an hour or two that could use some fabulous entertainment, we’d suggest that you welcome Inspector Zhang into your imagination, you will not regret it!

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Inspector Zhang And The Falling Woman

Fans of Inspector Zhang and his impeccable attention to detail will no doubt fall in love with this short story within a few pages. And those who have yet to sample the wares of Mr Leather’s Singapore-based detective will also fill their collective boots when they decide to join the party. If you enjoy a tale that encompasses the deductive skills of Hercule Poirot with a healthy dose of Eastern whodunit entertainment, you won’t get any better than this series. When an apparent suicide happens literally in front of Zhang, he gets to work in his typically analytical way. As the suicide rapidly turns into a murder case, who would bet against the Inspector and his merry men solving this case in some style? Although this is barely 30 pages, Leather manages to cram in some excellent level of detail and does not disappoint when it comes to drawing us into a magnificent finale!

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Inspector Zhang And The Disappearing Drug

Singapore is often perceived as a squeaky clean city state that has all but stamped out any major crime issues. And this is a doubled edged sword as far as Inspector Zhang is concerned. He loves the chance to test out his finely honed detective skills, but rarely gets to use them in anger. So when a massive consignment of high grade drugs apparently vanishes from under the noses of the Lion State’s finest, he relishes this opportunity to show what he is made of. Leather’s Zhang is nothing if not inscrutable and this tale delivers again and again. You could easily believe that Zhang is fighting a case that nobody could win, and that is the way that it looks from the outsiders viewpoint. Come and find out for yourself because this has to be one of the finest short stories Mr Leather has ever penned – Truly Entertaining!

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Inspector Zhang And The Perfect Alibi

This tale of crime solving genius is a must-read for fans of whodunnits with an Eastern twist. Inspector Zhang is drawn into another intriguing murder case that baffles almost everyone in the Singaporean police squad. When the body of a young woman is found, and the murder weapon is nearby and laden with prints, you kind of expect a very short story indeed. Yet the bite marks and fingerprints lead Zhang and his team to a criminal who was apparently already behind bars at the time of the murder. This engaging and intricate tale of how the talented Zhang uses his razor sharp skills to the max is yet another triumph for Stephen Leather. Although this is barely over 9,000 words, each one really counts, and you will be locked into the tale from the first sentence to the very last- Outstanding!

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Inspector Zhang Goes To Harrogate

If you love a tale about what results when two very different cultures happen to collide, then you’d best download this bad boy right away! When the inscrutable Inspector Zhang visits the Yorkshire town of Harrogate for a mystery writer’s convention, you just know that things are going to get very interesting indeed. Zhang’s skills of deduction are soon put into action as a murder in a locked room, one of his specialities, needs solving quickly! Leather has created a very entertaining and likeable character in Zhang and this short tale has enough plot and detail to grace a much larger body of work. Spoil yourself and see how the Singaporean sleuth cracks yet another seemingly unsolvable case with typical finesse and style – Love It!

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Inspector Zhang And The Island Of The Dead

With Inspector Zhang, Stephen Leather has created a detective character that should be mentioned in the same circles as Holmes, Columbo, and even Clouseau! And this tale of another unsolvable crime is possibly the best of this series of books. Zhang appears to have become the master of solving locked room mysteries and when a doctor meets his maker in a similar scenario, our Singaporean crime slayer gets to work yet again. You can hardly fathom out how Leather manages to fit such a complete body of work into a mere 10,000 words, but like the rest of us, you are really glad that he comes up with the goods once more – Fantastic Read!

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