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Stephen Leather's Stand Alone Novels

Take Two

If you love reading a fast-paced storyline that is laced with psychological tension from the opening page to the very last sentence, Take Two should be the very next choice on your Kindle shopping list! This excellent novel focuses on a famous TV soap opera star who bears witness to a gory execution that soon puts her own life in mortal danger. Join Carolyn Castle on this seemingly fatal journey that will have you engrossed throughout the entire book. With more twists and turns than a broken helter skelter ride, Take Two will satisfy your senses in a way that only Mr Leather seems to be able to manage.

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The Bestseller

Some people believe that in order to pen a believable murder story, you have to first live that tale to the letter. This theme runs through The Bestseller and the results add up to another excellent read by the author Stephen Leather. Adrian Slater is the wanabee novelist who is busy honing his skills whilst on a university creative writing course. Things start to take a downwards turn for this overzealous student as one of his classmates disappears with plenty of gory evidence on offer. Has Slater taken his writing art a step too far, and will the missing student become a character in his latest script? You’ll have to read The Best Seller for yourself to find out how this intriguing story pans out, and the ending will leave you very surprised to say the least!

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Dreamer’s Cat

Just when you think that Stephen Leather can’t possibly have any more strings to his already considerable bow, he pens a first rate science fiction thriller! Dreamer’s Cat is a very clever example of what could lay in wait for us in the distant future. And Leather employs his unique story telling skills to the max in this fast paced novel. You needn’t have a penchant for the science fiction genre in order to love Dreamer’s Cat, because quality like this tends to transcend categories with apparent ease. Follow his story as the talented Cerebral Broadcasting employee is forced to find the killer who is taking out his colleagues one by one. Another ten out of ten for Stephen Leather as he effortlessly adds some beautiful imagery to a plot that will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire 260 pages!

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