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Stephen Leather's Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd Series

Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume one

Dan “Spider” Shepherd is the hero of the Sunday Times bestselling series written by Stephen Leather. Before he was an undercover cop and MI5 officer, Spider was a soldier and a member of the elite SAS. This collection of short stories covers the period before Shepherd joined the SAS, how he enrolled in the SAS and acquired his nickname and detail his adventures in war-torn Sierra Leone. The stories introduce many of the characters that appear in the Spider Shepherd books. The short stories are - Hard Targets, Natural Selection, Narrow Escape, Warning Order, Hostile Territory and Rough Diamonds

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Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume two

Dan “Spider” Shepherd is the hero of the Sunday Times bestselling series written by Stephen Leather. Before he was an undercover cop and MI5 officer, Spider was a soldier and a member of the elite SAS seeing action in warzones around the world. This second collection of short stories covers Shepherd’s time in the Middle East and Afghanistan with the SAS and detail how he narrowly escaped with his life in a deadly ambush. The stories also introduce Lex Harper who appears in the Spider Shepherd novels. The short stories are - Personal Protection, The Rope, Planning Pack, Friendly Fire, Dead Drop, and 
Kill Zone.

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Natural Selection

This story is an excellent introduction to the character that has spawned a whole series of compelling books. You’ll be drawn into Spider’s secret world and learn exactly what it is that drives these men to risk everything for their Queen and country. You will also discover the grisly encounter that gave our favourite fighting hero his nickname, and it certainly isn’t for the squeamish! The details that cover selection training for the SAS are just one of many reasons why you will fall in love with both Spider and Mr Leather’s writing style!

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Narrow Escape

If you ever wanted to get a feel of how tough the SAS selection course can be, you’ll not get a better insight than this short story. Join Spider Shepherd as he risks his life to prove that he is worthy of joining the world’s most elite fighting squad. As well as having to deal with the myriad of incredibly challenging tasks, our hero has to come up with a solution to a life-threatening situation beyond his control.

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Warning Order

Join Spider Shepherd as he almost meets his maker whilst taking part in an SAS training mission off the coast of Norway. The powers that be are concerned about any potential leaks and decide to send the entire unit to war torn Sierra Leone on a lethal mission.

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Hostile Territory

Having survived everything that Sierra Leone has thrown their way, Spider and his unit are still putting the world to right in this excellent follow on. But Stephen Leather doesn’t dwell on his past glories here as Spider is thrown into a brand new set of escapades that never lead quite where you would imagine. It’s incredible that such a thrilling story can be told in a mere 14,000 words.

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Rough Diamonds

Sierra Leone is the setting for this fast and furious tale of how Spider and his SAS unit are faced with tidying up the mess that MI6 have made of their mission. Stephen Leather manages to involve the reader to the point where you can almost feel every last ounce of tension being wrung out of this excellent short story. We’ve said this before, but it is incredible how so much action and detail can be crammed into 30 pages of e-book.

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Personal Protection

The life of an SAS soldier was never going to be a walk in the park, but Spider Shepherd seems to be living the nightmare rather than the dream. Personal Protection is an excellent thrill-a-minute story of how our hero and his team are helping to train bodyguards in the Middle East. As luck would have it, the cushy number is turned on its head as all hell breaks loose with Spider having to man up and deal with the fall out.

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Friendly Fire

This tale of Spider and his men partaking in a mission to the Taliban strongholds of Afghanistan is probably as good as you can get in this genre. It has all of the ingredients for a first rate combat story and the way that the SAS have to deal with the ever-growing egos of the US Delta Force is truly something to behold. With Mr Bin Laden making a cameo appearance and our Spider being selected to take him out, you couldn’t really ask for anything else to be added.

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Dead Drop

We’re still in Afghanistan, or rather, Spider and his crew are still dodging Taliban bullets for Queen and country. Spider’s better nature gets the better of him and he decides to risk his own life to help a local lad avenge his fallen father. As Spider starts to doubt his own instincts, both his and his entire unit are as close to death as they have ever been.

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Kill Zone

When you have a hardened team of SAS commandos doing their thing in the Taliban’s backyard, add one Spider Shepherd and an incompetent newbie team leader, you just know that it’s never going to end well for someone. Shepherd is as uncompromising as ever in this short story and comes as close to meeting his maker as he ever will. The added ingredient of an unlikely SAS officer who is way over his head, simply cranks up the tension to an almost unbearable level.

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